Avoiding a Terrible Car Lockout


Avoiding a Terrible Car Lockout

5 Car Lockout Situations You Would Possibly Experience

March 20, 2021 | Admin

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you’re stuck in a car lockout, then you know how frustrating and time consuming it can definitely be.When it comes to car lockouts, there are many unforeseen circumstances that can throw you in very precarious situations, and trust us, none of them are exactly pleasant. We at Lion Lock N Key want to tell you these unforeseen circumstances our clients have been under over the years, and with that, let’s take a look at some of the common car lockouts that occur, and we’ll show you how to bypass each one. After all, our mission here is to help you out, even if it’s to help you escape a car lockout.

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1. Losing Your Keys At Home

The day is Monday, and it’s a new week for you to get back to work after having an awesome weekend with your friends. Everything works out ideally for you this morning, so ideally, you should arrive at work just in time. You eventually stand outside your car, hands rummaging through your pocket, purse, or backpack trying to find your keys. “I know I grabbed them after I had breakfast,” you say to yourself, but did you? After searching and scouring every nook and cranny of your home, you resign yourself to the fact that maybe, just maybe, you have lost your car keys. This is where frustration begins to set in, then gradually, all at once. By now, all you can do is to try and stay calm because there is a solution to your problem.

2. Losing Your Keys at Work

You’ve been working all week, and you deserve the fact that it is finally here and no one can take it away from you – it’s Friday. You feel triumphant walking out of those doors, proud of the fact that you survived yet another busy week. You feel unstoppable, and seeing that your car is in the parking lot lifts your spirits high. Your hand reaches into your pockets, purse, or briefcase and pulls up nothing but air. Everything abruptly stops, and you come down from the high of excitement as you’re left embracing the reality that your keys have been lost.

3. Locking Your Keys In The Vehicle

There could be situations where you pull up to the closest gas station you can find and park next to the first available pump. After locking your door and walking towards a bathroom, you realize something’s wrong – the jingling sound of your car keys doesn’t happen with every step you take. You slowly walk up to your car window, and you’re now stuck in horror as you realize that your keys are just there, resting serenely on the driver seat with no way of reaching them because you locked the door.

4. Locking Your Keys in the Car with a Running Engine

Another common occurrence for our clients here is parking and deciding to leave the car running so that heat can continue circulating while you’re waiting for a certain thing, a delicious piece of tacos, for example. Sometimes, though, as you step out and the door closes behind you, you suddenly realize that your door is closed while the car is still up and running, which implies that your keys are in the car. Usually, this isn’t a problem, except you remember that you locked your car as a force of habit.

5. Breaking Your Key In The Lock

There can be times where you’ve had some little altercations at work, and most of the time you might get a little annoyed even after work. As you continue to walk to your car, you pull out your keys and press the unlock button on your keys, but nothing happens. Then you decide to unlock your car the old school way and use the key to open the door. There could be chances where you’re not entirely familiar with inserting the key into the locking mechanism. You turn the key and you’re greeted with resistance that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Due to rising emotions, you turn the key harder and hear a click, but instead of your car opening, you just broke your key instead. Oops.

Escaping The Car Lockout

Car lockouts are more common than you may think, and lots of people have experienced it many times over the course of somebody’s life. There’s usually no common denominator for car lockouts apart from the fact that you won’t be able to get inside your car. This is due to a number of varying situations and changes case-to-case, as there are some people who might have been distracted and forgotten the keys, and there are others who broke the key on the lock of their car door. The first step you should take with any car lockout is to keep your composure, as it is key (pun intended) that you are calm and collected in order for you to analyze the situation properly.

Spare Keys & Double Checks

After you’ve relaxed and you’re finally in the position to think clearly without panicking, ask yourself, “Do I have a spare key?”. If you have one, then you’re in luck; your day just got a lot better. Spare keys are a very vital part of any key-lock mechanism. They come in handy especially in situations where the original key is missing or compromised. In the odd chance that you don’t have one, though, it is in your best interest to get one after you’ve come out of the car lockout.


If you have an accessible spare key, then you can grab it and be on your merry way. However, it is very common for car owners to leave their spare keys within the car. Most drivers that tend to do this are frequently known to place them in the glove box along with other important things. The fact that the spare key is in the car doesn’t worsen your plight because there is still another chance than you can get them out of the car without having to go through lots of work.

With a majority of key fobs today, most cars lock all the doors simultaneously when pressed, but for some older models, only the driver’s door is originally locked. Many car owners are oblivious to this fact and even though in most situations, it could leave your car vulnerable – but it just might be your saving grace in this situation. If you ever find yourself in a car lockout, ensure that you check that all the doors on your car are locked, because if one of them is open, then you will regain access to your spare key and you’ll be free to go.


If none of your car doors can be opened, then check to see if the trunk of your car is a viable access point. For modern cars, especially, there are foldable back seats that help you gain access to the interior of your car. If this solution checks out for you, then you are in luck and you should be able to get yourself out of this car lockout in no time! Do keep in mind that these situations are not exclusive to the scenarios listed above and they can be adapted and applied to any lockout scenarios with the appropriate modifications.


Things of Key Importance

Whenever you experience a car lockout, it is always important that you pay attention to the location you are in and the things around you. You won’t always be lucky enough to be locked out right outside your office or your own home, where you will most likely be surrounded by a familiar environment and people that you know. However, car lockouts don’t really discriminate; they can happen in gas stations, side streets, a parking lot, and even a concert. In situations like these, you need to be aware of who is around you in order to prevent any damage or even theft.

Sometimes, you can get away with leaving your car unattended in a car lockout if you lost your key either at home or at work, but you absolutely cannot afford to leave your car if you left your keys in the ignition. This encompasses all scenarios that involve your keys being stuck inside the car. This can happen while the keys are falling out of your pocket on the driver’s side, when you lose them in the vehicle, or when you lock the car when the keys are on the ignition and the car is on.

Leaving your car unattended in situations like this is like asking random people around to steal your car. This is one of the easiest scenarios where you can leave any burglar to just run away with your car. If you have to wander off to buy some tools that could help you out of your car lockout or if you’re looking for a locksmith to assist your concerns, then ensure that someone you know and trust would watch your car for you.

If you’re alone, though, then the chances of having someone you trust around in a lockout are very slim, and you should invest in a steering wheel lock. This ensures that you have an extra layer of security if ever you have to leave your car unattended. Are you in need of a professional locksmith? Just give Lion Lock & Key a ring at 972-972-9354, and we will be more than happy to assist you!

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