8 Security Tips Every Family Needs To Know


8 Security Tips Every Family Needs To Know

March 20, 2021 | Admin

Home protection is of utmost importance to every family. One of the first items most families are researching while considering purchasing or constructing a new home is the protection of the neighborhood. How are the patterns of crime? Where are the fire stations and the police departments located? What kind of credibility does the city have in terms of protection for families and children? These security concerns do not just stop at the scale of the community. As such, homeowners always need to consider the safety and security of their own homes, too. Just because a community is considered as a safe one doesn’t mean that there won’t be a criminal who is fixing to target your humble abode.


Chris McGoey, a certified safety professional and certified protection professional says that burglars look for easy targets: “Although home burglaries may seem random in occurrence, they actually involve a selection process. The burglar’s selection process is simple … choose an unoccupied home with the easiest access, the greatest amount of cover, and with the best escape routes.”


Here at Lion Lock & Key, we are here to help you with eight useful security tips to improve 

your home’s safety.

1. Get to know your Neighbors

Meeting the people living in your neighborhood is also one surefire way to building an all-around safer community. Neighbors who are at least friendly with one another, if not actually friends, always tend to look out for each other. With this, your neighbors would definitely notice if there is some suspicious person lurking around your home and can keep an eye on the home while you’re away by shoveling snow, mowing the lawn, keeping the plants watered, and generally helping your property look lived-in. Neighbors also make a great choice for stashing your extra keys instead of hiding the keys in a flower pot.

2. Recognize Resources and Set a Plan

For families with children, it is very important for your kids to have identified safe resources shortly after they have moved in. This is very useful especially in situations where your children will be coming home to an empty house after school. Kids should gain access to their phone, as well as a list of emergency phone numbers, and a trusted friend, family member, or neighbor, and know what to do if they do encounter an emergency situation inside your home. As a parent, it is also safe for your children to establish certain rules for opening the doors for strangers, having friends over, locking windows and doors, and using an alarm system. An emergency exit plan is also recommended just in case there is a fire or a break-in.

3. Secure Windows and Doors

One of the best ways to increase the safety of your home is to lock the windows and doors! According to a study commissioned by Nationwide Insurance, most burglars tend to breach and enter your house from the front entrance, and about 25 percent of survey respondents admitted to leaving doors and windows open while they were not at home, which is not so much a good practice. As far as security is concerned, this is the first step towards it, and it doesn’t get any easier than this!

4. Provide Piracy

Simple actions such as using blinds or curtains on the windows can turn any impending burglars off because they can’t see what’s inside. This is because they don’t know if a break-in will be worth the time and risk involved, as they don’t know what they’ll find when they get inside. Preventing people from seeing the interior of your house hides your precious valuables from the prying eyes of random hooligans, and makes it more difficult to tell whether or not someone is home.

5. Use Lights and Timers

Burglars will always tend to go for houses that look vacant as opposed to one that looks lived in. You can use timers and lights to your own advantage, especially when you’re out of town. Timers can be utilized to turn the lights, the TV, or even the radio on and off to give the assumption that someone is home even when they’re not. Exterior lighting could be used in the front and back of the home to eliminate dark areas and provide vision for every part of the home. Motion sensors could also be used to prevent lights being on all night and provide an element of surprise if someone moves around on your property.

6. Get the Kids a Dog

Have your kids been asking for a dog? Give in and get them one. It might not seem that obvious, but dogs are an incredibly effective burglar deterrent. Remember, burglars want to get in and out quickly without drawing any sort of attention to themselves. With a dog, that isn’t going to happen. They’ll let you know when something unusual is going on outside, or if a stranger is at the door. Even small dogs can be effective deterrents due to their tendency to be barkers.

7. Be Wary of Strangers

Remember the advice you were given as a child? “Stranger danger” is the advice you should never grow out of. It could be very easy as a homeowner to think nothing of letting service people into your home, or even allow other contractors to work on the home while you’re at work, but it should always be in your best interest to be careful with this. Allow only service providers you have called to make an appointment with at your house. Show them the place where they need to see, and that’s it. Refrain from showing off your new home by giving a guide. When you move to a new home, arrange all service meetings before you finally move in to avoid letting people catch a glimpse of your valuables.

8. Consider a Home Security System

Home surveillance devices may not deter the burglar from breaching, but they may be put off by the alarm before they can steal something. Security devices can warn you that your home has been broken and cause a call to the police, which can reduce the amount of damage you face as a result of a robbery. A majority of today’s systems can provide you with alerts when your kids get home from school or when a door has been left unlocked, so you can keep tabs on your family’s safety from afar.


When considering a home protection device, Keith Brandon, director of Kwikset Residential Access Solutions, recommends, “Consider your current lifestyle and the needs of your family when choosing any home security system.”

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